Super Mah Jong Solitaire

Super Mah Jong Solitaire

Super Mah Jong Solitaire is a game where you have to match tiles in pairs

Super Mah Jong Solitaire is a fun game where you have to match tiles.
The goal of the game is to clear the tiles from the board. To do this, you must click on two identical tiles that have at least one side free, and that don´t have a tile over them. Some special tiles can also be selected, even if they are not identical, they belong to a category, like flowers, seasons or the GameHouse logo. If you cannot find a pair to match, the game will highlight two identical tiles that you can choose.

You win when you manage to eliminate all the tiles in a board, but it is possible that you come out of possible moves. In this case, you lose, and you can write your name in the high score list.

This game offers a selection of music files that you can choose to play music in the background, as well as different tile layouts. These setting will make the game more attractive and fun.

The download link provided here will let you download the GameHouse Manager, that when installed will download and install the files of the game. You will need 4.5 Mb. The trial version will allow you to play for free for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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